Steel balls are divided into three types: forged steel balls, cast steel balls, and hot-rolled steel balls.

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2024-03-12 13:57

Steel balls are divided into three types: forged steel balls, cast steel balls, and hot-rolled steel balls.
Forged steel ball: the use of round steel cutting section with air hammer forging, forging steel ball wear resistance and the use of round steel material and impurities or round steel quality has a great relationship.
Forged steel ball main material: 45# steel, and 50mn and 60mn or 65mn, the current wear resistance and high chromium ball comparable to 75mncr material. Forged steel ball advantages: broken rate of less than 1%, good wear resistance, cheap, cost-effective.
In the cast steel ball, chromium alloy is the main component of the cast steel ball. It has poor oxidation resistance and resistance to high sulfur, diesel fuel and seawater corrosion, and its strength density is lower than that of the forged steel ball. The crushing rate is much higher than that of other process steel balls. According to the level of chromium content, wear ball can be divided into the following:
1. Chromium content 1%-3%, hardness HRC ≥ 45. This standard wear-resistant steel ball is called low chromium alloy ball, low chromium ball is produced by medium frequency electric furnace melting, metal mold or sand casting. Its performance is suitable for some metallurgical mines, slag and other industries where the grinding accuracy is not high and the wear consumption is not large.
2. Chromium content 4%-6%, hardness HRC ≥ 47. This standard is called multi-alloy ball, than low chromium steel ball strength, wear resistance slightly higher.
3. Medium chromium alloy cast balls with chromium content of 7%-10% and hardness HRC ≥ 50 have higher performance than multi-element alloy steel balls.
4, chromium content ≥ 10%-14%, hardness HRC ≥ 58, high chromium alloy cast ball, is a kind of wear-resistant ball with high utilization rate and good wear resistance in cement industry, and has a wide range of applications. However, due to good price and high performance, the market is gradually declining due to low cost performance being replaced by forged products.
5 chromium content of more than 14%, hardness HRC = 58. This is a special high chromium steel ball, suitable for grinding more meticulous, large loss of the industry, of course, its price is also quite high, cost-effective than high chromium ball slightly lower.
Hot rolled steel ball: according to the selection of different raw materials, steel ball performance is different, can be divided into so many kinds, to 100mm steel ball as an example
Surface HRC55-60, heart hardness 20-25
Surface hardness 55-60 core hardness 30-35
Surface hardness 58-63 Heart hardness 40-45
Surface hardness 58-63, core hardness 55-60
Hot-rolled steel balls with surface hardness above 60 and core hardness above 58 are produced by rotary cutting production lines. In recent years, they have risen rapidly. Not only the production efficiency is high, but also their wear resistance is enhanced in turn. Medium and large enterprises are dominated by the second and third types, while super-large enterprises are dominated by the fourth and fifth types, such as China Gold, Jiugang Group and Tongling Nonferrous Metals.

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